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It's Pizza, Elevated

Founded in 2019, Roma Capoccia is Rhode Island’s first authentic Roman-style Pizzeria.  Located in the Fox Point neighborhood of Providence, we serve authentic pizza al taglio, salads, and other traditional Roman offerings.  We also offer a curated selection of craft beer and wine, all chosen to complement our delicious pizzas.   

About Our Pizza


So what exactly is pizza al taglio?  It’s pizza, in its traditional Roman form.  Long narrow pizzas are displayed on the counter, and you simply indicate how much or how little you want.  We cut the pizza for you, weigh it (following Roman tradition, we sell our pizza by the weight), heat it up—it’s actually best after the second bake—and a few short minutes later you’re enjoying some of the most delicious pizza you’ve ever tasted!  So what’s our secret?

The secret is in our crust.  We ferment our dough for at least 96 hours, and sometimes up to 120 hours.  Why?  Because after 96 hours the dough has taken on a delicious life of its own—it creates a crust that is sublimely light with a crackling crisp exterior and a delightfully chewy interior.  It’s pizza, elevated to a whole new level!



468 Wickenden St.

Providence, RI  02903


Tuesday – Saturday 11:00AM – 9:00PM

Sunday    11:00AM – 7:00PM


Tel: 401-331-7662


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